Significant announcement? !

Hello-! Recently, mental has returned to the extent that I can gradually write on my blog. I would like to say a little more important thing.

That is to stop writing weekly weekly impression of high jumping. Maybe, Originally! I think that it is said that , but I think that it is mostly written,,,,.The reason was because I botherly felt sorry for using youtube for that and saw the first OA on Saturday and I felt bad. Originally I think that it is one factor also because we do not like heart-planning such as child planning from late at night, too much.(Before that I think that the application of the Hatena blog itself was not open recently.)I am sorry, please forgive me.

Speaking of which, this year's goal is not true at all! I thought.Somehow, I write it on the Internet, but I do not realize it at all. Recent highest ranking is lower than 10th, so make it proper. Regarding becoming number one, I am particular about regular tests. I took 1st place in the trial only once, but I am not very happy. (Although I was satisfied if even that one could solve it ....) It was disgustingly disgusting, but .... (Since a certain subject I heard so many times since that, I decided the rules inside myself.) Also, although it relates to that of Jean who was the other day, It was tough to keep lying. Since I wanted to see a plan that Hey! Say! JUMP is playing, such as "All great things done with all!" Heartfully planned since I was promoted on Saturday. It is frustrating to really see. Somehow, I feel that it is different from the plan that I'd like to see. And I did not want to see the direction of Jean who was promoted on Saturday.And the reason for telling a lie.Because I do not want to realize too much for classmates or homeroom teachers anyway. It is a very mysterious reason.It changed, the Culture Festival has gone chic. Maybe it would have been unchanged if I was not a cultural committee member.

So today, it is here. I will follow Jean's impressions I wrote when I want to write. Please note.I will give you original text (Japanese version) on Monday. So, last only in Japanese.

では、See you again.